40/40 Club Manhattan

In January 2012, The 40/40 Club flagship location, owned by Jay-Z and partner Juan Perez, re-opened following a six month, $10 million renovation to reveal modern décor and style by renowned designer Jeffrey Beers.  The central feature of the club is the custom illuminated resin bar that encloses a champagne tower and sets the tone for the updated space.


"Being a New York company, it was wonderful being able to participate in this project. We're so proud to have contributed this beautiful bar in such an iconic location and to have collaborated with some of the most innovative people in the industry."

-Karen Atta

Because the bar was almost 100 linear feet, we had to make it in sections at our shop and then assembled it in place.
By adding additional material to the seams we are able to give it the look of a solid, continuous surface which was
imperative to the overall aesthetic of the piece.

“I wanted to create an environment that is conducive to my lifestyle while watching the games at the same time,” Jay-Z has said.
The recent renovation and expansion draws inspiration from the grandeur and opulence of New York City nightlife.