Bruno Sammartino is a wrestling legend- holding the WWF World Heavy Weight Championship for over 11 years, he also has the record for the longest single reign in the franchise history. His prowess and personal charisma helped him become one of the most popular American wrestlers from the 1960's through the 1980's.

Onsite photos courtesy of the WWE.

Fiberglass Portrait Touchable Figure With Bronze Finish 6'

Completed: March, 2014

Designer: WWE

Here I am looking back at myself!” - Bruno Sammartino

project details

Bruno Sammartino visited the studio while we were working on his statue and it was an amazing experience to meet the man and take part in honoring his career. His statue was unveiled on April 6, 2014 by Arnold Schwarzenegger when Bruno was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

"Everything from Sammartino’s barrel chest to his tree trunk legs were meticulously recreated by ATTA, INC., but this isn’t some museum exhibit that will stay behind glass. The statue was sculpted with Bruno’s hand eternally raised in victory — a perfect position for a man who held the WWE Championship for more than 11 years — making it interactive as fans can play the role of referee and hold the wrist of the iconic Superstar for a photo opportunity."
- Ryan Murphy, WWE