Our artists have experience working in all materials and scales. Our central Chelsea locations makes prototyping and sample fabrication quick and easy. We have created wearable items, high-end accessories as well as fabricated display areas and architectural elements for retail locations and special events.





Client List

Balenciaga                    Christian Dior

Chanel                            Derek Lam

Estee Lauder                 Jen Kao

Tommy Hilfiger             Nicole Miller

Proenza Schueler         Marc Jacobs


Proenza Schueler Breastplates

Designer: Proenza Schueler

Originally sculpted in clay to resemble billowing fabric, this series of breastplates and adornments were ultimately cast in hard plastic. The final castings were then electroplated in various metallic finishes before coming back to our studio for their final detailing and finishing.

Jen Kao Clutches

Designer: Jen Kao

Atta fabricated several unique clutches in a variety of materials. Some with imbedded elements such as the chain mail, others with small, fractured extrusions.

Balenciaga New York Flag Ship Stores

Balenciaga Men's Flagship Store, NYC: Grand Platform In Clear Fractured Resin with Mirror Backing, Custom Fractured Resin Handrails, Fractured Resin Interlocking Multi-Level Display Platform + Display Pedestals

Balenciaga Women's Flagship Store, NYC: Clear Fractured Resin with Mirror Backing Wall Panels

Designer: Alexander Wang / Ryan Korban / Paul Bennett Architect

Client: Balenciaga, NYC

Derek Lam Foot Displays + Rubber Hangbars

Fiberglass foot display +Custom Rubber Hanging Rod Sleeve

Designer: Studio Sofield

Client: Derek Lam, NYC

Nicole Miller Display Platform

Clear Resin Platform with Imbedded Dried Flowers + Inset Lighting

Client: Nicole Miller

Tommy Hilfiger Columns

Custom-Sculpted Columns for Retail Display

Client: Tommy Hilfiger