Jones Archeological Museum
Lost Realm of the Black Warrior

Lost Realm of the Black Warrior is an ambitious exhibit that depicts the rich existence of an ancient people who once populated the Moundville, AL area. With over 200 stunning artifacts, the Jones Archeological Museum houses one of the most significant collections of Native American relics in the world.

Eleven Fiberglass Figures With Natural Paint, Hair + Clothing

Completed: January 2010

Designer: Taft Design + Associates, LLC

Client: University of Alabama

To see a video of the exhibition, click here.

project details

Atta was commissioned to create eleven realistically-painted figures for the Lost Realm exhibition. The exhibit showcases the clothing and intricate jewelry of the ancient Mississippi cultures. The pottery, ceremonial feather decorations and accessories were hand-made by Native American artisans.

The museum also selected a group of Native Americans from a nearby tribe to use as the models for the figures. They were brought together for on-site face castings at the museum by team members, Anne Silvernail and Karen Atta. The life casts were then shipped back to New York to be used in conjunction with the full bodies being developed in our studio.