wwe - seth rollins statue

Since 2013, Atta has been the exclusive fabricator of portrait statues for the WWE Hall of Fame. The statues travel with the WWE as they tour throughout the United States and have become a draw for fans and a status symbol for the wrestlers.

For this year's SummerSlam, the bronze figures were center-stage as Seth Rollins was promised a commemorative statue by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon if he won the United States Championship. Seth was already the current World Heavy Weight Champion and would be the first wrestler in WWE history to hold both titles concurrently.

This promise was made a week before the Championship match and as a last-minute request, we were asked to fabricate it in six days. Seth was flown to our studio to be cast on a Tuesday and by the following Monday, the finished piece was being crated and shipped to the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn.

To save precious time, we cast Seth wearing his pants, belt and boots. By meticulously crafting the mold we were able to capture the details in his costume. Generally, we would hand-sculpt those items, but this ingenious shortcut would allow us to make the tight deadline.

To see the making of the statue on the WWE's site, click here.

The entire process was documented by the WWE to use in promotional videos for SummerSlam.  It was an incredible experience to have our work play such a significant role in the story line. Throughout the event, all of the statues were featured and it was amazing to see them all together.