Taking the Plunge:
Nina Beier at Metro Pictures

Beier’s latest works at Metro Pictures elaborate on her interest in the relationship between objects and their representation. Persistently tracking the status of images in our world, Beier develops a transmutable lexicon all her own. She extracts objects from their circumscribed settings and exposes their layers of historical, cultural and social information.

In Plunge, a series of sculptures, Beier selects photographs found on image banks and reproduces them using actual objects. Cast in clear resin inside oversized wine glasses and hollow glass mannequin heads, the individual objects are suspended in a paradoxical state in which they simultaneously remain independent things, comprise an image and become parts of a sculpture.

- Excerpt from Metro Pictures Exhibition Press Release

Photos courtesy of Metro Pictures + the artist

Nina Beier supplied a selection of cocktail glasses and vessels which were then meticulously filled layer by layer to suspend the objects within.

“From a technical stand point, these pieces were incredibly difficult and time consuming to execute but the glasses are fascinating and it’s always interesting to work with artists on original projects.”

-Dan Tesene, Head Fabricator

Nina Beier was recently named one of the most interesting artists on the international art scene by Art News Magazine.