odyssey of a cockroach
exhibition by yoko ono at deitch projects

Exhibition Introduction by Yoko Ono:

Twentieth Century was a century in which human experiment in cruelty reached its height. In other centuries, we still had an excuse to kill each other either for self-defense or for our survival. In the twentieth century, we as the human race were wise enough to not have to be cruel. Still, the strong need to be cruel to each other was passed on to us from the past centuries and acted on repeatedly. In fact, we created the most savage century in the history of the human race. Humanity has suffered its consequences. We desired women to look as thin as the people we starved. We created a breakdown of our own families, severing ourselves from other family members, mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically. We started to abuse our children, ignoring them and allowing them to be taken away from us. Children walked out on us as well. Fleeting peacefulness was enjoyed with fear and doubt. Love was temporal and met with guarded cynicism. In fact, we became the starved: both mentally and emotionally.

Right now we are so steeped in the psycho drama we have created, we can no longer see our reality, except through influences of various propaganda.

I have decided to be a cockroach for a day, and see what is happening in this city through its eyes. Since we can easily say that New York City is the cultural center of our society, I have taken various pictures of the city's corners and presented them from a cockroach's point of view. Through the eyes of this other strong race, we may learn the true reality of what our dreams and nightmares have created. I invite you to join me on this odyssey -- Odyssey of a Cockroach. y.o.

Atta fabricated a 5' long working replica of a wrist watch for Yoko Ono's exhibition, "Odyssey of a Cockroach" at Deitch Projects, NYC in 2003.

We also contributed a variety of life-size, cast-plaster body parts for the exhibit.

To see a video of the installation, click here.