American Civil War Museum
Museum of Confederacy

The museum holds a massive collection of manuscripts, artifacts and images that are associated with the era of the Confederates.  The building the museum resides in, was once the former White House where Abraham Lincoln and his family resided during the fall of Richmond in April 3, 1865.

Four Resin-Hardened Figures, Monochromatic Paint Finish

Completed: March, 2012

Designer: Riggs Ward Design

Client: Explus, Inc.

project details

The Museum of the Confederacy-Appomattox is the newest part of the American Civil War Museum System. The figures that were constructed for the museum show a Southern family saying goodbye to their son as he leaves to join the Confederate Army. The mother is handing her son a bible. It was common at the time for slaves to accompany wealthy soldiers on their commissions. A young African American man waits with a carpet bag next to the family.