Proenza Schueler Breastplates

New York Fashion Week, held every September, spotlights the preeminent international designers as they showcase their latest collections. It is one of four major fashion weeks in the world and an incredible event each year.

Proenza Schueler

Proenza Schueler's Fall 2013 collection featured several metallic breastplates in various sizes. They approached us a few weeks before the show with the idea for the breastplates - they wanted them to have the look of billowing fabric but finished in metal.

We sculpted the pieces in clay and then cast them in hard plastic. The special plastic we used allowed the pieces to then be electroplated in various metallic finishes before coming back to our studio for their final detailing and finishing.

The Proenza show was a huge success and the breastplates were featured in several magazines afterwards as well.