Swiss Artist + Architect Christian Wassmann "Dodecahedron" Lamps

Artist and designer Christian Wassmann uses the geometric aesthetics of architecture and the cerebral beauty of art to inspire his pieces. He describes his aesthetic as "form performs function" and this is evident in his latest series of resin Dodecahedron lamps.

Originally his lamps were clear and made in a variety of sizes with different numbers of lenses or sides. In 2014, Wassmann began to incorporate color into the pieces, "I thought it would be best to start with the three primary colors: a pure blue, a punchy red, and a golden yellow. With the different thicknesses of the lenses, the saturated colors in the center transition to pastel on the outside, which is a nice phenomenon by itself. And combining the colors also results in something even more interesting because once the eye looks through differently colored lenses, it sees the whole color spectrum: green, orange and purple…” - Christian Wassmann quoted from Pin Up Magazine

All photos © Joe Kramm and courtesy of the artist and R & Company

Each Dodecahedron lamp is created in an edition of nine and come in sizes ranging from 22" at the largest to 8" diameter at the smallest. To create alternate optical effects the number of lenses varies as well from four to nineteen sides.

The lamps are hand polished and made from polyurethane resin.

To see a video of Christian discussing his work, click here.

Christian Wassmann is represented in New York by R & Company.

project details

"The Dodecahedron stands simultaneously as an elegant lamp and an optical instrument. By looking through its pentagram-shaped lenses, everything behind it appears upside-down. This piece is also an homage to the incandescent light bulb, which is magnified by the lenses and projects hexagonally shaped warm fields of light throughout whatever space it’s in. It was made by pouring a lake of acrylic resin into a spherical mold that was repeated twelve times to create each pentagram-shaped lens."

- Christian Wasmmann from Sight Unseen Interview