The Production Line of Happiness
Christopher Williams Exhibition at the MOMA

July 2014

Excerpt of MOMA Exhibition description:

Christopher Williams: The Production Line of Happiness—the first retrospective ever mounted of Christopher Williams (American, b. 1956)—spans the impressive 35-year career of one of the most influential cinephilic artists working in photography. Williams studied at the California Institute of the Arts in the mid to late 1970s under the first wave of West Coast Conceptual artists, including John Baldessari, Douglas Huebler, and Michael Asher, only to become his generation’s leading Conceptualist and art professor; he is currently professor of photography at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Deeply invested in the histories of photography and film, architecture and design, Williams has produced a concise oeuvre that furthers a critique of late capitalist society in which images typically function as agents of spectacle.

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For his MOMA exhibition, Christopher Williams sought to recreate cement block gallery walls from a Jackson Pollock exhibition in London. In an effort to match the original wall exactly, British standard sized cement blocks were custom made. We collaborated with Karen's favorite stone mason the fulfill the artist's vision.