Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

This is exhibit is part of the library's 1991expansion and shows Reagan and Gorbachev at the historical Reykjavik Summit.

Onsite photo courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Two Fiberglass Portrait Figures With Bronze Finish

Completed: January 2011

Designer: Gallagher + Associates

Client: Design + Production

project details

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is the largest of the thirteen federally operated presidential libraries. Twenty years after its opening in 1991, the facility underwent a $10 million renovation to commemorate Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday.

The expansion included a new room dedicated to the Reykjavik Summit. Despite the talks collapsing at the last minute, participants and observers have referred to the summit as an enormous breakthrough which eventually facilitated later treaties.

Atta sculpted busts of both Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev from historical photographs. The final figures were resin-hardened and given a bronze patina. Their expression and poses reflect hope and cooperation- a hallmark of the summit.

We paid special attention to small physical details with both figures. Ronald Reagan had a minor condition that caused a curvature in the ring finger of his left hand and you can see the small bend as he's gesturing to Gorbachev. We also included Gorbachev's signature birthmark in the patina on his head.

"The library was thrilled with the figures - it's always tricky when you are making busts of icons and especially when people who were close to them will be judging your work. We're so happy that the Reagan Library reacted so positively to the final figures and to have participated in such a historically-important project."

-Karen Atta, Owner