Jean George Restaurant 66

Five Round Resin Tables With Lazy Susans
Grand Communal Resin Table 44' Long
30 Additional Resin Tables In Various Dimensions

Designer: Richard Meier

Client: Restaurant 66

project details

Jean George's restaurant, 66, was inspired by modern Shanghai dining and cuisine. Traditionally, Chinese restaurant serve meals family-style and the tables designed by Richard Meier bring that tradition to the space. The round resin tables have a lazy susan installed in them - another hallmark of Chinese dining. The enormous 44' long communal table was cast in two sections and seamed onsite. The finished effect is a modern take Chinese dining.

"There’s been so much refining and sharpening of each dish during 66’s initial six weeks that the immediacy of the menu’s flavors takes center stage, overshadowing Richard Meier’s superb, sleeker–than–a–Raymond Loewy–logo interior. The space employs a world’s fair’s worth of modernity—frosted glass, steel mesh, and resin—tempered by monochromatically soothing color, ingeniously recessed lighting, and canny geometry. The result is an open-yet-intimate series of rooms where one can speak and maneuver with ease, as well as effortlessly hear an enthusiastic, refreshingly intelligent staff." Hal Rubenstein for New York Magazine