Cast Resin Sink With Integral Basin 36” x 20” x 8”

Designer: 1100 Architects

Client: Private Residence NYC

Cast Clear Polyurethane Resin Sink   5’  2.75” x 1’ 5” x  5”

Designer: Silver Lining Interiors

Client: Isaac Mizrahi

Cast Resin Sink With Interior Construction + Self-Closing Drawers 5’ x 1’ 9” x 1’ 5.5”

Designer: Duco Studio

Client: Private Residence Chicago


Cast Resin Sink With Bronze Hammered Base 24” x  16” x  5”

Designer: Tim MacDonald

Client: Private Residence NYC



Cast Resin Trough Sink


Cast Resin Double Sink

Designer: Anvil

Client: Private Residence, NY


Cast Resin Sink In Various Dimensions

Designer: 1100 Architect

Client: Private Residence NYC


Merlin Aluminum Sink 5' x 1.5' x 1'

Designer: Susan Gross Architects

Client: Private Residence, NYC

Cast Resin Milky White Sink with Sink Cut Out and Drawer 5.5' x  1.5' x 1.25'

Designer: Sam Trimble Design

Client: Private Residence