WWE - Andre The Giant

Andre the Giant is one of the most famous professional wrestlers of all time.  He was the inaugural inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame and holds legendary status within his industry and among his fans.

Fiberglass Portrait Touchable Figure With Bronze Finish 7'4"

Completed: April, 2013

Designer: WWE

To see a video of the making of the statue, click here.

project details

Also known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” André Roussimoff was the company’s leading attraction, towering over the competition at seven feet, four inches tall and tipping the scales at a gargantuan 500-plus pounds. Andre's statue was made true-to-scale and his iconic pose was selected by the WWE so that fans could interact with him and compare hand sizes with the Superstar.

Working from archival photos and the personal effects of the wrestlers, our sculptors brought to form this larger-than-life man while also capturing his dynamic persona.